Precaution Statement(Privacy Policy)

Personal information of applicants will be managed in an appropriate manner.

Personal information of applicants will be used for the purpose of the project, such as for inquiries about applications for the DRAWMAYAKIBA Project (Hereinafter referred to as “this project”). In addition, the works, names, ages, occupations, and residential regions of applicants may be used for the website of the organiser, and approved TV, radio, newspaper, video, WEB site, leaflet, etc., by NTT Urban Development Corporation
and media for the purpose of reporting and publicity activities of the project.

Applicants agree in advance that their personal information will be used within the above scope by applying for this project.

Works that infringe copyrights, violate public order and morals, slander, or are intended for profit are not subject to this law.

Applications are limited to original works created by applicants.

Applicants can apply for more than one work per applicant.

The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicant, but the applicant agree to allow the work to be exhibited in Akiba-ichi, Akihabara UDX large screen, and on the street of Akihabara, and to be published on the official website and SNS, by applying for this project.

If you wish to use a work of a third party in your work, please do so only after obtaining the consent of the right holder. In no event shall our company be held liable for any infringement, damages, or other claims by third parties.

Please note that the organiser’s office may not publish works that the office decides that contain political or religious messages and may offend viewers.

Even after the release of the work, if it is found that the submitted work has already been published or is not an original work, or if the organizer has any doubt about the fact that the submitted work is an unpublished original work, the release will be cancelled.

Even after the release of the submitted work, if there is an error in the application method and there is a falsity, or if a violation of this precaution statement is found, the release will be cancelled.

The moral rights of author (the rights provided for in Articles 18 to 20 of the Copyright Act.) shall not be exercised in any way against persons who are permitted by the NTT Urban