What kind of place is Akihabara for you?

Otaku culture such as anime and idols. Gourmet, electric town and tech culture.
Most people would think of these first.

In fact, going back to the Edo period, Akihabara was considered as a firebreak area, an empty space for disaster prevention.

After the war, such business as radio parts wholesalers gathered here, and Akihabara, where nothing existed, became the world’s famous electric town.

Today, the world’s proud culture of anime and idols has taken root and developed.
Akihabara has changed itself with the times, created various subcultures, and has grown as a diverse global town.

Now, suffering from the virus, people have disappeared from cities all over the world, and the sound has disappeared.

Akihabara is no exception.

Yet, we believe that it is just a moment of silence and its liveliness is soon to be back.

Let’s all DRAW MY AKIBA.

Write down what you like about Akihabara, draw memories and dreams of Akihabara, turn a lot of love into energy and support Akihabara.
When everyone’s cheers gather from all over the world, we can surely build a new Akihabara together.

Event overview


Cheer for Akihabara Project ~ DRAW MY AKIBA ~

Event Objectives

Akihabara, where the number of foreign tourists and hobbyists visiting the area has decreased due to the COVID-19, aims to boost its liveliness with “drawings”.

All people who like Akihabara inside and outside Japan will be invited to draw under the theme “The view of Akihabara that I think”.

In addition to the “AKIBA ICHI Exhibition” held in Akihabara UDX AKIBA ICHI and the “Akiba Machinaka Exhibition”, which solicits cooperation from stores in Akihabara, the collection will be exhibited on the UDX large screen in front of JR Akihabara Station and on the official social media.

Also, using official Twitter and Instagram, we are planning to give away gift vouchers that can be used in AKIBA ICHI. Also the applicants of this project can have a chance to get the prize by lot.


Application period for DRAW MY AKIBA drawings: 16 October 2020 – 10 January 2021

AKIBA ICHI Exhibition: Mid-February 2021

Akiba Machinaka Exhibition: Mid-February 2021

The collection will be posted on social media throughout the period

Targeted participants

Anybody in Japan or abroad who like Akihabara

Application Guidelines


Akihabara, where the number of foreign tourists and hobbyists visiting the area has decreased due to the COVID-19, aims to boost its liveliness with “drawings”.


“The view of Akihabara that I think”
Submit your picture with an episode in Akihabara.
It could be a scenery, sights, and also those things you have seen, bought, eaten in Akihabara.
e.g. The Gacha Gacha shop where you have been with your father, there was a basketball court, the coffee you always order in the old cafe, etc.

Note: Please refrain from using expressions such as copyrighted characters or specific people. Original characters are greatly appreciate! If the organiser’s office decides that the drawing violates this regulation, there is a chance that it may not be published.


  • Open: Everyone who likes Akihabara (Age: Any)
    Artist: Everyone who likes Akihabara and wants to be active in the field of drawing and/or design (Age: Any)
  • You can also apply with your works created in the past. (Only if the copyright belongs to the person)
  • Submitted pieces will be exhibited in AKIBA ICHI, shops in Akihabara and SNS.

4.How to apply

  • Application period: Friday, 16 October 2020 – Sunday, 10 January 2021
  • Submit to: Submit through the application form, or Twitter (Follow & tag “#drawmyakiba” to submit)
  • Submission Format:
    Horizontal, Free size (A3 size recommended)
    Resolution: 150 dpi or higher recommended (Format: jpeg, png, psd recommended)* Beside scanning, you can also take a photo of your drawing to submit. Please take the photo at a bright place, and cut off the edge as possible.
    * If you would like to send by post, please contact us.


Held from February to March 2021 in Akihabara and Akihabara UDX AKIBA ICHI.
The organiser’s office selects the pieces to be exhibited and means of exhibition.

Enquiries Form

    Should you have any enquiries, please contact us via the form below.


    The collection

    Here are some of the works of people who supported the DRAW MY AKIBA Project.
    Please enjoy them together with their behind stories.
    The collection is posted on our official Twitter and Instagram throughout the time.

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    Our Partners


    DRAW MY AKIBA project official SNS accounts!
    We will publish works and provide information on Akihabara. We will also have a retweet campaign where you can win a present such as a meal coupon that can be used in AKIBA ICHI – please follow us. Please use the hashtag #drawmyakiba to post your favorite places and photos of Akihabara!